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YAAA ok so I recently hit 500 followers on here and 100 on my art blog… So I figured it was time for another art giveaway!

Here’s whats up:

+Reblog/like this post! You can do either or both! Reblog as many times as you’d like, it’ll only move your place in line around. So this gives you up to two chances to get your name in!

+ Please don’t use your own multiple blogs to get in more chances to win! Keep it to one blog yall. 

+ You dont have to be following either blog to enter! idc JUST GO FOR IT, FREE THINGS

+ As it says above there will be two winners! Each gets a sketchy halfbody colored pic like above.

+ I will draw: OCs, furries, animals, avatars, whatever you’d like. Any prize for this will remain SWF!

+ THIS ENDS SEPT 26th, AT 11:59 PM EST! I’ll contact the winners that night, so please make sure you have an ask box/submit open so I can contact you!

My main blog is a bunch of Mabinogi and Sailor Moon gifs bUT YALL CAN CHECK OUT MY ART BLOG amirreow!!
And check out my commission info if you’re interested in guaranteeing some art from me hueuheu


hey mabi tag, if anyone on mari is selling a pair of starlet boots, please let me know!




yeah yeah yeah i got 200 followers that’s amazing ;-; it only feels like yesterday that i had 160..

anyway! this giveaway is for current followers of me ONLY! i will obviously know if you’re new or not, so please don’t follow just to get free stuff.

one lucky randomly drawn person will…


IGN Natalae!


Joseph Joestar ∫ Stardust Crusaders


English-American grandpa Joseph Joestar for the anon that requested it this morning

hello again mabi tag! i’m sellin this stuff if anyone is interested! 
this is for mari only, and my tentative prices are as follows:

dowra outfit - 10m

dark hummingbird wings - 7m

millia outfit - 9m

millia boots - 9m? not very sure on this tho

message me here or in game to offer or anythin (ign Deusa)


selling this stuff on mari, message me here or nm in game if you want anything!

(except the wings, those are already claimed)

bitches is bitter my titties is bigger



u woht


anon is bitter that rhetoi’s titties is biggaimage